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Health Topics > Irregular Menstruation
Irregular Menstruation And Menstrual Abnormalities

Puberty and menopause mark the two ends of the spectrum of a woman's reproductive life. Puberty is characterized by the onset of menstruation, development of breasts and appearance of secondary sex characteristics.
The age for onset of puberty may vary across individuals, yet the start of regular menstruation before 8 years of age or delay beyond 16 years of age requires medical advice.
Similarly, in the case of menopause, cessation of menstruation before 40 yrs of age or continuation after 53 years of age is unusual and a cause of medical attention. Both ends of the spectrum of a woman's reproductive life are period of great hormonal, emotional as well as physical change.

Irregular Menstruation

During the reproductive phase of a woman's life, menstruation occurs every 21 days with bleeding lasting 5-7 days. In many cases the cycles tend to be erratic at puberty and menopause. Any cycle length in the range of 25-30 days is normal.

Menstrual irregularities can be:
  • Amenorrhoea - is the absence of a menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age. It may be a situation wherein a girl does not start to menstruate at all or menstruation stops after a certain period of time.
  • Oligomenorrhea or Hypomenorrhea- The menstrual cycle is infrequent with intervals of more than 40 days or is extremely light and scanty.
  • Menorrhagia - Menstrual bleeding is abnormally heavy, clotted and prolonged although occuringat regular intervals. Women tend to get anemic in this condition.
  • Metrorrhagia - cycle length is shorter than 20 days it its often associated with Menorrhagia.
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding- bleeding occurs at irregular intervals in varying quantities and may last almost throughout the month.
  • PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)- It may vary from mild to extreme. It is associated with feeling of bloating, pain in the legs, headaches and mood swings. Symptoms of PMS can interfere with normal social life.
  • Dysmonhorrea- Although not to be confused with menstrual irregularities, it is a medical condition characterized by severe uterine pain during menstruation. In many cases the pain is so severe as to hamper even day to day activities requires and use of pain killers.
Causes :-
Menstrual patterns can be influenced by changes in general health,, sudden weight loss or weight gain, stressful life situations, metabolic disorders, certain infections, and anatomical and hormonal changes.

Treatment depends on :-
  1. type of menstrual irregularity
  2. age and built of patient
  3. associated physical illness or other symptoms
  4. hormonal changes which can detected by blood testing
  5. desire for fertility or contraception
  6. anatomical abnormalities
Types of treatment :-
  1. lifestyle modifications
  2. exercises like yoga
  3. meditation practices to manage stress
  4. herbal supplements
  5. hormonal supplements
  6. surgical or interventional procedures

Since these problems may be long lasting and in many cases no obvious abnormalities are detected; it is better to start with treatment modalities that have few or no side effects and are simple to use.

Herbal Remedies and Herbs Supplements for Irregular Menstruation
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Evanova for Menopause
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